Developers Outreach Program

The purpose of Developers Outreach Program is to build relationships with upcoming developers from colleges in Tanzania to prepare them for coding challenges and eventually hire them in the future.

We are training 2 developers for FREE every time our client(s) hires 1 developer from Ellipsis Digital.

Objectives of this program

  1. To improve skills of developers within Dar es salaam and Tanzania in general
  2. To establish Ellipsis Digital as a strong developer friendly company in Dar es salaam
  3. To forge a strong partnership with universities, colleges, companies and organizations that are working in technology and digital space in Dar es salaam
  4. To retain good talents from universities to work with Ellipsis Digital


Become a world class developer through a unique tailored training program.


The program will contain three main segments including Community Outreach, Coding Experience and Support.

The entire program will be carried over for a period of 12 months to guarantee experience and deep understanding.

1st COHORT 2019/2020


Activity Tentative Timeline Location
Online forms May 2019 Ellipsis website
Reachout students, open registry May 2019 Colleges
Prepare aptitude tests Mid June 2019 Ellipsis Digital
Conduct tests Mid July 2019 TBA
Shortlist successful trainees Early August 2019 Emails
Conduct second tests Early August 2019 Ellipsis Digital (HQ)
Inform successful trainees Mid August 2019 Emails
Start 1st Cohort of the program Mid September 2019 Ellipsis/Online
End 1st Cohort of the program August 2020 TBA

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